China Bar

(03) 9639 1633, 235 Russell St, Melbourne. VIC 3000
Chinese $
Open 7 days Sun-Thur 11am-3am, Fri-Sat 11am-6am; Unlicensed, BYO, Corkage $1.00 person; No cards, Seats inside 90

Mietta's Review
Roast ducks and chickens hang in the window with the China Bar writ large and bold above. It's a bold, clean statement and advertisement for the business which has siblings at 607 Station St Box Hill, 9898 8633 and 743 Swanston St Carlton, 9347 3567. The whole front is glass and you can see who's eating and what's cooking before walking in. But when you do walk in you find yourself standing right where the waiters want to stand, as they seat or serve you from the same side of the counter, in front of the till. You look up and along the bright numbered picture menu with every dish on it and as you stand in hungry anticipation, you are in the road of someone. But it all adds atmosphere. From the street you can see every ingredient that gets tossed in to the big wok. The occasional flames shooting up add to the fun. Late at night a lot of young people come here more for the buzz, the convenience and the prices than quality of food. It's owned partly by its architects and the designer trademarks are there, a few bulkheads, curved walls and all the staff wearing black.

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China Bar, (03) 9639 1633, 235 Russell St, Melbourne. VIC 3000 The whole front is glass and you can see who's eating and what's cooking before walking in. Open until the wee hours.
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